The creators of the World Culture Music Festival (WCMF) are all independent artists, developers, and leaders of Tulsa, OK. Over the years we have helped build one of the strongest hip-hop communities right in the heart of downtown Tulsa and the famously known Black Wall Street. Events such as The World Culture Music Festival which has evolved in to a 5 day event showed the capabilities of what can happen when you DIY. Tulsa itself is a hidden treasure especially when you talk about the city’s history and energy of the city. The same energy you receive when you’re at any WCM event. Of course we want to grow into a festival that can pull in national artist, but our focus is catered toward the DIY hip-hop artist who have built a fan base from self-taught skills and pure hustle. That's why we want to incorporate artists not just in Tulsa but from all over the world. That’s who we are. And that’s what we represent. So no matter if it's music, fashion, or art. DO IT YOURSELF!

IG: @worldculturemusic