The Cypher 120 Friday

The Yeti (outdoor patio stage), 417 N. Main St. 74103, Tulsa

Cypher120: Experience originally began as an open mic/ open jam session originating in Tulsa, Oklahoma on a frigid winter night in February of 2013. An idea created and curated by Written Quincey, was formulated to provide the city’s bolstering underground arts scene a platform to express and articulate its passion. Poetry and Jazz establishes the foundational vibe of the Experience adopting the spirit of two of the most influential artistic movements in the history of our young nation, The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s and the Golden Era of Hip Hop, 1980’s.

The musicianship of African and Latin American instrumentalist comingled with Gospel, Blues, Rock and Roll and the before mentioned Jazz and Hip Hop compose the spirit of Cypher120: Experience which is truly a melting pot of fusion. Designed by artist for artist to encourage a community in Tulsa of networking, support and encouragement, we make up the soul of the city. Respect!